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Zhongyi Mould Stainless steel tooth plate, thread rolling plate

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The installation and adjustment of the thread rolling board only needs to install the thread rolling board in the movable mold groove and the fixed mold groove, and there is no need for any thin pads or iron sheets under the mold. Only need to adjust the gap between the two tooth plates properly, and then tighten and fix. Adjust the gap between the two plates so that the blank can just be compressed. If the gap is too large, the blank will not be rolled and fall off.

If the gap is too small, the blank will not enter the gap between the two plates. Similarly, the blank will not be rubbed and fall off. At the same time, the gap between the upper and lower ends of the two thread rolling plates is adjusted by rotating the two fastening bolts and the tension bolts. If the tightening bolts are tightened a little, the gap between the end plate molds becomes smaller, and the gap should be adjusted to the depth of the threaded thread until it meets the requirements.

When the thread rolling machine works for a long time, the friction surface between the sliding guide rail and the machine body guide rail will wear and tear. At this time, the upper and lower thread rolling plates will have uneven surfaces, which will cause the thread to be slanted (that is, the screw or bolt cannot be screwed into the nut), and waste threads such as self-tapping screws will be produced. At this time, grinding or scraping is required. The machine makes the bottom surface and the fixed mold groove return to the same plane.

For the time being, some thin pads or iron pieces can be properly placed on the moving thread rolling plate, so that the two thread rolling plates are on the same plane, but this will complicate the adjustment and make the product quality unstable. For this reason, when the wear is severe, the best method is to use a grinding or scraping machine.

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