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Thread rolling board-Two square stencils used on the thread rolling machine, which are divided into two pieces, one long and one short, with thread patterns on it. They are used to squeeze the light nail into a thread mold.

The thread rolling board is the most commonly used thread tool when processing screws and bolts in the standard fastener industry. The processing principle mainly adopts cold extrusion molding, and cold extrusion molding has high production efficiency, low processing cost, and processed threads. The advantages of high precision, high strength, and good surface quality have been widely used.

The thread rolling board is generally formed by cold rolling, and it is not processed after heat treatment. The teeth are subjected to severe impact load and extrusion stress during operation. After heat treatment, the hardness within 3 to 5 mm below the tooth root is 58 to 61HRC , The quenched martensite is less than grade 3, and the tooth surface has no decarburization.

The thread rolling board must have extremely high hardness, wear resistance, sufficient strength, certain impact force, and strong fatigue resistance.

According to the working conditions of the thread rolling board, the selected material should have the following properties:

(1) Good hardenability, high matrix hardness, good wear resistance;

(2) Good dimensional stability;

(3) Good impact toughness and appropriate strength;

(4) Good machinability and hot workability.

So the common materials suitable for production are 9SiCr, Cr12 or Cr12MoV, but most factories currently use 9SiCr

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