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Zhongyi Mould Stainless steel tooth plate, thread rolling plate

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Stainless steel tooth plate is a special kind of screw factory for screwing stainless steel screws. The tooth plate material and heat treatment process are different from the general steel tooth plate. There are generally three types of thread processing: turning, thread rolling and thread rolling, while turning screws are mainly used for thread processing of medium and large workpieces, and thread rolling and thread rolling are used for thread processing of a large number of small bolts.

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the demand for bolts with special purposes such as high strength, no rust, wear resistance, and acid and alkali corrosion resistance is increasing. Therefore, it is necessary to develop corresponding tooth plates to process different materials and different materials. Screws on demand.

1. Because its strength and hardness are equivalent to carbon steel (grade 6.8) under normal conditions, stainless steel products should not be impacted or beaten, and care should be taken to maintain the surface finish and precision, and no force can be applied like carbon steel products. , Do not apply too much force. At the same time, due to the good ductility of stainless steel, steel chips will stick to the thread level of the nut during use, increase the friction force, and easily lead to lockup. However, even if iron chips are produced using carbon steel, Falling, it is not easy to lock up compared to stainless steel.

2. The stainless steel material model has a lot to do with its service life. Commonly used are 302, 304, 316, 201, 667. When ordering stainless steel dental plates, select the appropriate material and heat treatment process according to the stainless steel material model. .

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